Hey there! My name is Leanne, and I’m permanently excited about design. I’m compulsively making things: I create cards for my family on holidays (I’m pretty sure they actually like them) and logos for friends starting their own businesses. My fridge has a collage on the front, and my fingers itch to sketch thumbnails in business meetings. Essentially, I design everything.

When I’m not making things look right, I’m trying to make them work. I’m sorting through code or dreaming about WordPress. I’ve learned chunks of C#, ASP.NET, SQL, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. I Google everything and probably have too many tabs open.

If I’m not in front of my computer (affectionately named Cooper), I’m either on my bike, swimming in the pool down the street, or trying to coerce friends into playing Frisbee with me.

Let’s work together.